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About Us

Located in the heart of Auckland’s vibrant North Shore, Eventfinda Stadium is proudly governed by The North Shore Events Centre Trust Board. The facility has been under the stewardship of this board ever since the North Shore City Council sold the venue to the Trust.

Our mission is clear and unwavering: “To create spaces, places and experiences that foster and enhance the mana of our communities”

Our overarching aim is to uplift the North Shore’s inhabitants, as well as the broader Auckland community. Through careful resource allocation, we strive to reduce the financial burden on ratepayers in supporting the stadium’s operations. Thanks to our collaboration with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, ratepayers contribute less than 10% of our operational budget. The remainder of our funding arises from user fees, commercial arrangements, and our events portfolio.

Our commercial events, in particular, play a pivotal role in subsidising costs for our foundation partners – Harbour Basketball and Harbour Gymnastics. This approach ensures that access to sport and recreation at our venue is inclusive and not a luxury reserved for the affluent.

We recognise the significance of sport and recreation in Aucklanders’ lives. That’s why we’re steadfast in our mission to enrich every visitor’s experience at our facility. With the understanding that a thriving community is one where everyone can partake in our offerings, Eventfinda Stadium hosts 60-70 commercial events annually. These aren’t just revenue streams; they’re doorways for community members who might not be into basketball or gymnastics to engage with and utilise our venue.

Annually, our doors open to over 400,000 visitors spanning more than 300 days of activities. We take immense pride in our influence on Auckland’s life tapestry and eagerly await your next visit to Eventfinda Stadium.